Episode 195: Bachelor Party

November 22, 2018 - Guest Episodes, Hanksgiving, The Other Half Podcast
Episode 195: Bachelor Party

In preparation for Hanksgiving and Mike’s bachelor party, the boys watch Bachelor Party starring Tom Hanks in his third role ever! As an extra special bonus, Sam joins us for this episode who is Mike’s actual planner of his stag party.

The movie’s plot is simple. Tom Hanks is getting married. Tom Hanks is told he can’t have sex at his bachelor party by his fiance. His awful friends do everything possible to make him have sex during his party. Plot has been created. 

This is a trip down memory lane into gross ’80s sex comedies and toxic masculinity. Also, the “good” guy in this movie isn’t exactly a model human for 2018, but his friends and comrades are just downright pigs.


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