Episode 209: The Big Green

February 27, 2019 - The Other Half Podcast
Episode 209: The Big Green

From the people who brought you “Angels in the Outfield,” comes The Big Green. Perhaps the blandest sports movie to ever exist. The director, Holly Goldberg Sloan, went on to direct this insane movie called Heidi 4 Paws, which I’ve included at the bottom of these show notes.

Look The Big Green is a mess. This podcast episode just goes into detail how speeding up action shots don’t automatically make them more interesting or how gross loser characters always end up with the woman, because they “deserve” to right?

Also if anyone knows about the article I mentioned in the podcast, please send it to me. I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I don’t want to keep calling mildly sad situations “monopoly sad.”

Here’s Heidi 4 Paws:


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