Episode 190: The Craft

October 17, 2018 - The Other Half Podcast
Episode 190: The Craft

Witches get stitches in The Craft. The boys take on the cult spooky movie that found a following among women who enjoy a more adult occult movie. The Other Half treatment for this movie leads to some interesting opinions about how the film shakes out.


Looking for something creepy in to listen to in this hallowed month? Check out Mike’s podcast, Flies. It’s the story of a woman who’s trying to bring justice to her brutally murdered cousin ten years later. Things are not what they seem in Wilson, Kentucky.

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One thought on “Episode 190: The Craft

Le' Trail (Lay-Trail)

I came here looking for a podcast talking about the Craft which is my favorite movie and then I looked at your backlog of other films and I have now become a new listener! I love you guys’ vibe and sense of humor and I’m excited to listen to more 🙂


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