Episode 217: Tumbbad

April 24, 2019 - The Other Half Podcast
Episode 217: Tumbbad

The boys watch the 2018 Indian movie Tumbbad! With its oppressive atmosphere and brooding tone, it’s a stark departure you’d typically expect from most Indian Bollywood style movies. Despite it being a massive industry, the only other Indian movie we watched was Happy New Year. This movie is NOTHING like that one.

It surprisingly shares more in common with modern American horror movies such as Hereditary or the VVitch.


One thought on “Episode 217: Tumbbad

Abhimanyu Singh

Thank you guys for watching this. I am a bit late to listen to this podcast but it was a really great discussion. Also i would like to make another Bollywood movie suggestion for a movie called ANDHADHUN (it’s on Netflix).Im pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it. Also, great pronunciation of my name lol.


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